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Escape hatch YUMK-375 (Viktor Pilar, 11 April 2023)
Hallo, I am interested in your product. I am looking for an escape hatch that is solid and can be opened and closed from the inside. The size fits, but it can be smaller if you have it. What is the price? I live in the Czech Republic

Hallo. Unfortunately, we do not deliver to Europe. But you can find similar hatches here.

Shipping to Germany (Robert, 22 June 2020)
Hi there,
i got a question about the price of the sunroof YUMK-200 or 100 and what the shipping cost to germany will be.


Hi Robert,

please contact our partners -

380, 500 or 560? (J. Jones, 1 November 2017)
I would like to install (2) two hatch units - 2017 Mercedes Sprinter high roof. The largest size is preferred(560?). Which hatch would be the correct for the curvature of the roof?
Please include the price of the unit(s) that are correct for my application.
I understand shipping to USA can be challenging, I am willing to overlook this because of your superior product.
Thank you for your time.
J. Jones


Dear Mr. Jones!

Here in Russia we use for Sprinter hatches YUMK-380 or YUMK-340M. I think you can install YUMK-560 too, but there perhaps need to cut some of the stiffening ribs.

YUMK 200 (Margus, 10 March 2017)
Do you seel in the Estonia?

Yes, we can. But it will be very expensive.

Where to ask for prices? (Berenguer, 18 Febrary 2015)
We are looking for roof hatches manufacturer that can be our partner supplier in our next month. My mail is *****@*****.com


Dear Berenguer!


We sent you answer on e-mail. But there is some mistake! Please, write us on

Is the YUMK-550 flush mounted in the roof (Kevin Arnold, 10 April 2012)
Do you seel in the USA? We have a over all hieght issue and need a completely flush hatch
thank you


Dear Kevin Arnold!


Thank you for interest to our production!

We do not sell in the United States. But once we sent a hatch in the USA, and cost of delivery and customs registration were more expensive, than cost of the hatch.

YUMK-550 is not flush hatch (if I understand correctly the word "flush"). It towers above a roof on 62 mm. in the closed position. 

Happy new year! (Gugamyclace, 10 January 2012)
Happy New Year! Health, luck and love!

Thank you!

Escape hatch YUMK-375
Shipping to Germany
380, 500 or 560?
YUMK 200
Where to ask for prices?
Is the YUMK-550 flush mounted in the roof
Happy new year!

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