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The escape hatches YUMK-320, YUMK-320U and LUX-400


Download the installation manual of UMK-320 sunroof with illustrations (.pdf, 330 Kb)


Video installation guide of UMK-320 sunroof (to open page)


The installation manual of UMK-320 sunroof and its versions in a vehicle roof.

Necessary tools: a template for an aperture marking, a measuring roulette, an electric drill, an electric fretsaw (or electric scissors on metal), a marker permanent (or a pencil), a plunger pistol, sealant, a rivet pistol, a screwdriver, self-cutting screws (are delivered complete with the hatch).

1. To mark an aperture on a vehicle roof with help of a template.
2. To cut out an aperture in a vehicle roof.
3. To insert a hatch framework with a rubber cross-section upwards into the aperture.
4. To drill a bore in diameter of 5 mm. on a long side of the framework. And temporarily to fix the framework with help of a pin. To drill the second bore and temporarily to fix it with a pin. Then to drill the others 12 bores.
5. To take out the framework from the aperture and to put sealant in a flute on the bottom side of a clamping surface a layer of 5-10 mm. To put the framework with the sealant in the aperture and to fix it with rivets.
6. To combine "legs" of handles with holes of clampers and a safety belt with a bore for belt fastening to a hatch framework. Then to press with small effort from above on a cover of the hatch in the field of fastening of handles so that "legs" of handles have entered into holes of clampers.
7. To fix the safety belt to the framework of the hatch with self-cutting screw 6,3х13.
8. To pass a rope through a hole for the external emergency handle in the framework  and to install the external emergency handle.
9. To pass split pins through a rope and to insert them into the ends of handles.
10. To install a hatch decor frame, having extended the ends of ropes through "nests" for internal emergency handles.
11. To equalize edges of the decor frame on perimeter, having filled, if it necessity, a sealant rubber under facing.
12. To press the hatch decor frame to a roof covering, without supposing spacings between the decor frame and a covering.
13. To fix facing by self-cutting screws to a hatch framework in the places specified by a marker, under the following scheme:

the Driving direction is ↑


14. To put the end of the rope in the hole of the internal emergency handle and to make a loop. Then to put the handle in a hole in the decor frame for the internal emergency handle.
15. To install a covers of internal emergency handle on a "nest" for internal emergency handle and cautiously to fix it with self-cutting screws 3,5х6,5 mm.

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