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The escape hatch UMK-500


Download the instruction with illustrations (.pdf, 238 Kb)



Installation manual of UMK-500 sunroof.



Necessary tools: a plunger pistol, screwdriver.

1. To put a hermetic layer on the bottom plane of a hatch framework.
2. To put the hatch with the hermetic in a roof aperture.
3. To impose an internal framework on hairpins and to fix it with screwnuts м5 referring to schemes; effort of an inhaling of 3,5 Nanometers (it is corrected in the course of trial installation of the hatch).
4. To install hatch decor frame, having extended a rope through nests for internal emergency handles.
5. To press hatch facing to a roof covering, without supposing backlashes between facing and a covering; to fix facing by self-cutting screws to a hatch framework in the specified places under the following scheme.
6. To insert a rope into an aperture of the internal emergency handle and to fix a rope loop. Then to put the handle in a facing aperture.
7. To install on hatch decor frame a cover of the emergency handle and cautiously to fix it with self-cutting screws o3,5х9,5.


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