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Necessary tools: cut templates (are delivered complete with the hatch), a measuring roulette, a hammer, an electric drill, an insulating tape, mechanical scissors on metal, electric scissors on metal, flat-nose pliers, a knife, a screwdriver, self-cutting screws, bolts м8, a liquid for cleaning of glasses.

Exact definition of a place is made for the hatch taking into account type of the car and requirements of the customer. Determinatives are: a design and a roof covering.

1. To fix the top cut template (after product of exact measurements) on a roof of the car by means of an insulating tape.
2. To drill an electric drill two bores in diameter of 9 mm. In the places specified on a template. Similar bores need to be done in the bottom template.
3. To fix two bolts the bottom template to a car ceiling.
4. To cut out a bore in an interior covering a sharp knife on a cut edge of the bottom template. After that the bottom template to remove.
5. To expand any of two bores with mechanical scissors on metal for access of electric scissors on metal.
6. Electric scissors on metal made the hole in a car roof in two steps: at first the bore which borders on 3 – 4 see more close from a definitive line of cut is cut; further, moving ahead on a cut edge, the definitive bore for the hatch is made. The damages formed along a line of a sectional view, are corrected by means of flat-nose pliers. It is recommended to try on the top framework of the hatch to the cut out bore. Between an edge of a bore and an edge of the top framework of the hatch the spacing in 2 – 3 mm should be formed.
7. To paste a sealing gasket a sticky surface to an internal edge of a roof. The pasted layer pad should not support bore edge in an interior covering. It is desirable to drown it on 2 – 3 mm. from covering edge.
8. To take out glass from the hatch. For this purpose it is necessary to open completely the hatch and to press the red drowned button in the handle (the car ignition key, for example).
9. On the bottom surface of the top framework of the hatch to paste self-glue sealing.
10. To establish the top framework in the cut out bore.
11. To put on decorative facing the bottom framework and a n-shaped rubber gasket on a reinforcement rib of the bottom framework.
12. To fix with screws the bottom framework to top frame with the help of the screwdriver.
13. To insert the glass of the hatch on it place (the red button should be latched automatically).
14. Clear glass of the hatch and a roof surface with any cleanser.

15. Enjoy!

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