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Emergency-ventilation sunroof YUMK-500

This hatch can use for following buses

Gazel, Sobol, Peugeot Boxer, Hyundai County, shift buses and vans...
Positions of an open cover of the hatch

1. forward

2. back

3. right side

4. left side

5. in parallel the roof
The sizes of a hole in a roof for hatch, mm.845 х 626; radius on corners - 110
Thickness of a package of a roof, mm.from 30 till 100


This escape hatch completely corresponds to all requirements of GOST R 41.52 – 2005 and ECE Rules numbers 52 and 107.

The rectangle 50x70 cm. is entered in the size of a hatch hole.

The fixing gear of the hatch accurately fixes a hatch cover in all open positions.

In the closed position the escape hatch provide full leakproofness of a vehicle roof from hit of an atmospheric precipitation. A temperature mode of operation of the hatch from -45°C to +85°С.

A design of this escape hatch is completely maintainable.

The hatch cover completely leaves from an aperture both from within and outside for a free exit (input).

The hatch design excludes any possibility of its unforeseen opening.

This escape hatch is ideal variant for Gazel bus, Sobol bus and for all shift buses.

Possible variant is modification of this sunroof for a motor car.

The cover and the decor frame made from ABS-plastic raw material.


Additional information about UMK-500 hatch: patent -->

                                                              certification -->




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